DocQments, LLC provides a comprehensive turn-key solution that ensures your company’s DOT Compliance. We stand ready to serve you from Authority Obtainment to Driver Sourcing, and we are positioned to serve you on a nation-wide platform. This is why at DocQments, LLC…

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When we started working DocQments our HOS Safer Score what 10 points from us being shut down, now, my HOS scores are excellent. DocQments came in and wrote a compliance plan and ensured that my drivers adhered to this plan. Working with DocQments is like having an assistant sitting in your office who understands the importance of keeping your trucks moving. Her monthly rate is great for us as we can establish a budget and not have to worry about unforeseen expenditures. I have been doing business DocQments for over 2 years, and I am extremely satisfied with their services.
Antonio Gates, Cheval, LLC
I was so nervous when we were called regarding our audit, even though DocQments told me that they had gone through audits before, and all would be well, I had heard so many horror stories from other companies who had paid a consultant and still did not pass the audit’; therefore, I was afraid. Man, on the day of the audit, the DocQments team showed up, with everything we needed, and we passed the audit. The auditor said that 80% of the companies audited, fail their first audit. I am so happy we chose DocQments. Even with her company being in another State from where we are located, DocQments delivered on their service.
Donovah Steele, Nu'Elite, LLC
The drivers furnished by DocQments are well trained and understand team work. The driver(s) that were furnished by DocQments are working with us and doing an excellent job. We joined the network so that we could take advantage of the professional truck drivers furnished by DocQments; but, we got a lot more. Working with DocQments has allowed us to focus on growing the company and not be overly concerned about daily routines, such as, compliance, obtaining permits, or the daily necessary administrative tasks. Thank you DocQments for providing the services you say you provide.
Katrinia S. Buchanan, Sally Kate Logistics, LLC