About The Owner

Ann D. Spell, CEO and Owner

Every transportation client assisted by DocQments, LLC has passed their safer audit with flying colors.

DocQments, LLC owner Ann D. Spell holds a CDL “Class A” license and has over five (5) years of professional driving experience. Certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, she also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia State University. Ms. Spell has served on various audit committees for DOT and has established relationships that have earned her a seat at most state and local municipal tables. DocQments was organized in the State of Georgia in December 2003. After the initial period of planning and evaluating the market; Ms. Spell emerged into the market full-time and gained experience working with the Department of Transportation, where she developed and delivered training and conducted on-site audits. Over the past several years DocQments has provided training, administrative support, auditing and compliance reporting, and business development services to trucking firms and other related businesses, serving more than 300 successful transportation companies.